Blogs That Shaped Me

Ragamuffin Soul– This is a blog written by Carlos Whittaker. He was the worship pastor at Sandals Church in Riverside (they met at the same college campus my youngest sister starts at in the fall) and is now a program director at Buckhead Church, an extension of North Point Community Church. I love how Carlos has a great balance of blogging about his life, church ministry, and creative ideas. Carlos also “invented” the blog post called a Worship Confessional, a post I have done a few times (basically talking through the good/bad of a worship set on Sunday). When I started blogging he was definitely formative to me in how I would go about doing this thing called blogging.

Jesus Creed– This is a blog written by Scot McKnight an author and professor at North Park Seminary (where Ric, a good friend from home, starts at very soon). I’ll be honest, half of the stuff written on Scot’s blog make almost zero sense to me. It is extremely deep in theological thoughts. He blogs about books I would never grab off the shelf. But I think that is what I love. Scot has a great way of taking the uber-complex theological or doctrinal topic and making it poignant. I do my best to pass on the complex theological things I tackle in school and make them understandable to all of you. His blog was one of the first I read and commented on as well.

BrentInWorship– Brent Hodges is a worship pastor in Medford, Oregon at Table Rock Fellowship. I can’t remember when I first started reading his blog, but it was a while ago. Earlier this year Rose and I had the chance to hang out with Brent and his wife Tammy. It was my first experience of hanging out with someone I met through blogging. Brent does a great job of facilitating conversation on his blog. He welcomes opinions from all sides and is always even handed about tough subjects. I’ve done my best to learn how Brent goes about that, but also to challenge myself to listen to both sides of an argument even in areas where I’ve made my mind up.

Eugene Cho– Eugene is the lead pastor and founder of Quest Church in Seattle and also helped found a non profit coffee shop/music venue called Q Cafe. I don’t know Eugene personally, but I’ve been challenged by his writing. Right now Eugene is on a sabbatical in Korea and he is also working on starting his own humanitarian organization that will be fighting against global poverty. I love how Eugene’s blog is a mix of political discussions, theological topics, and thoughts on the emerging church. I love how Eugene has vision and passion for reaching my generation. His blog is written with expertise and care, both things which I strive for on mine.

Matt Singley– Matt was the Minister of Operations at my church a year ago. When I first got to the church (as a janitor) he was moving on to a church in southern California. I met Matt one time (which he does not remember, no hard feelings Matt I promise) but have definitely connected to him through blogging. We share common friends because of his time at my church. I think Matt’s blog was the first one I ever read. I have been reading blogs for less than year. I didn’t know anyone who blogged before that (hard to believe, I know). Reading Matt’s blog made me want to blog. He has a great way of sharing thoughts on his life in an interesting way, and he also has great thoughts on church ministry. Thanks for inspiring me Matt, little did you know.

I read a lot of blogs, and if I’m honest then I would admit that my blog is part me and part everything I read and am surrounded by. The people I cross paths with in person and in blogging all influence my writing.

My blog is probably the weirdest mix of music, theology, church ministry, worship, sports, and my life. I am humbled to think of all of you taking time to consistently read what I have to say. My prayer is that God can use these miniscule musings to change His Kingdom.

What blogs have shaped your blogging?

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