Sunday Rundown 7.13.08.

Sunday was a first. For those of you who do not know, at Sunset (where I work and serve) we have two different types of services. Most of you would say that one is traditional, and one is contemporary. I think it goes a lot deeper than that, but I won’t fight you on it. Anyway, I led worship in both services today for the first time.

9am service:

  • For All You’ve Done in E (Hillsong)
  • My Redeemer Lives in E
  • The Solid Rock in D
  • Blessed Assurance in D
  • Responsive Reading in Psalm 33
  • How Great Thou Art in C (just a verse and chorus)
  • Offertory: Because He Lives (Jill and Regina blew this one away, it was amazing)

11am service:

  • Let God Arise in B (Tomlin)
  • For All You’ve Done in E (Hillsong)
  • Beautiful Jesus in A (Stanfill)
  • The Solid Rock in D (Passion/Charlie Hall version)
  • The Stand in A (United)
  • Offertory: Lord of Lords in E (Fraser)

What worked:

  1. Pretty light load music wise compared to the past few weeks. Most of these songs were pretty familiar to me before this weekend, so that really helped for me memorizing the music.
  2. Blessed Assurance in the 9 was a bit hit I thought. They seemed to really sing out and enjoy it. It isn’t one of our consistent hymns, but I think we’ll be doing it again soon.
  3. The Stand was “a moment” in the 11. Not only did I feel totally freed to worship, I sensed that the congregation did as well. I love hearing the church sing instead of me, and when I stepped back from the mic I could really hear them.
  4. We started the 11 with a video (Hillsong dvd opener) and went straight into Let God Arise. I thought it was pretty killer. It had some energy to it that me welcoming everyone and having them stand doesn’t have.

What needs work:

  1. My in ear monitors didn’t work for the first 2 songs in the 9. I had bumped a chord connected to it and didn’t have time to fix it until after the 2nd song. That was interesting…
  2. Only doing a small part of How Great Thou Art. I hate it when you plan for something to be really great and it backfires. I could tell they wanted to sing more, but I had already planned for everything to end after one chorus, and I didn’t know the 2nd verse words by heart.
  3. I hate dead space in a worship set, something I told the drummer (Rhett) this week actually. Well between Beautiful Jesus and The Solid Rock (which he starts) there was dead space. I turned around and he was in his own moment of worship. I hate dead space, but when it happens because someone is worshiping, I don’t care at all.
  4. Doing the Passion version of The Solid Rock didn’t seem to work to me. I could tell some people really enjoyed it, and others were giving me the blank stare of: “what the heck is this?”. Haha, I love those!