The Boss

I want to highlight someone who has only been a part of my life for the past 8 months. Her name is Janet Fraser (the picture is of Janet, Jay, and me at Willow Creek), and many of you who read this blog, know her. Many of you, however, don’t.

In many ways Janet is my boss. She has the authority to tell me what to do everyday I’m at church. In many ways she could be my mom…her oldest son is only 3 years younger than myself. But of course, she hates the thought of that, so I don’t remind her of that too often. Janet blogs, texts, Twitters, uses Facebook, and emails all the time. These are all the things she reminds me of when she wants me to know that she isn’t old.

Janet was gone this past week to be with her family as her dad passed away last Monday night. I didn’t know her dad, but I do know that Janet couldn’t be doing the job she loves if it wasn’t for her dad. I know he has been very formative in her desire to serve God through music and the arts.

So why a post for Janet?

As you know, the worship department went to Vernonia a few Saturdays ago to do some various jobs around town. On that Friday night I got an email from Janet saying that her dad was on his very last leg. He probably had 2 or 3 days left to live. I emailed her saying that she shouldn’t come to Vernonia, but that I knew she would. And with no surprise Janet went. Janet served. And her dad passed away 2 days later. She said, he would have wanted her to serve.

Thanks Janet. You have shown me what it means to work hard at doing what you love, because you do it so well.

Here is what Janet read at her dad’s memorial service. And here is her reaction when she found out her dad had passed away. Both are definitely worth a read.

(Positive Post Tuesday)