10 Reasons Why I Don't Go to the Cool Church

*This is not directed at any specific church.

  1. Attending is a status symbol.
  2. Worship is often only music because it is focused more on style than Christ.
  3. The church is filled with people from other churches who are “checking it out,” and 2 weeks later have left their previous church to go every week.
  4. The church is filled with people who left their previous church because their role had changed.
  5. Church becomes “what can you offer me” instead of “what can I bring.”
  6. As Ross Parsley told me: “every cool church has to surrender to the mini van.”
  7. Everyone looks the same.
  8. If you don’t shop at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters you can’t be on stage.
  9. In 10 years, half of the church will be going to the next cool church (It is usually a long drawn out process).
  10. The focus on a younger generation has given my generation an excuse to be consumer minded when it comes to church.