Crazy Love .3 of 3

In light of the crazy love sacrifice of Christ…how should we respond? This isn’t just a question that Christians today struggle with.

In Acts 2:37 a question is posed after a convicting message by Peter: “Brothers, what shall we do?”.

Francis Chan says:

“The first church responded with immediate action: repentance, baptism, selling possessions, sharing the gospel. We respond with words like Amen, Convicting Sermon, Great book…and then are paralyzed as we try to decipher what God wants of our lives.”

I know in my own life, it is a constant journey towards finding God’s purpose for my life. And I think this is what Francis is getting at. Our response to God’s “crazy love” has to be more than just words, something I am very guilty of.

Francis ends his book by saying this:

“A friend of mine once said that Christians are like manure: spread them out and they help everything grow better, but keep them in one big pile and they stink horribly…Most of us use ‘I’m waiting for God to reveal His calling on my life’ as a means of avoiding action. Did you hear God calling you to sit in front of the television yesterday? Or to go on your last vacation? Or exercise this morning? Probably not, but you still did it. The point isn’t that vacations or exercise are wrong, but that we are quick to rationalize our entertainment and priorities yet are slow to commit to serving God.”

Francis’ words pierce like a sharpened blade.

How do serving God and finding your calling coinside for you?