What I’ve Learned About Creative Arts Ministry By Being an Admin Assistant .3

Part One: Not pressing sort on the copy machine is kind of like coming to a rehearsal without having practiced before.

Part Two: Voicemail is outdated…each generation communicates in different ways.

3. Each administrative assistant does individual jobs differently; everyone has a different opinion about music in church.

This is by far the easier lesson to learn. I was given several weekly tasks to do throughout the summer. Certainly I do those things differently than the person before me and the person after me. We just see how to be most productive differently. This isn’t to say one person is better than the other (although I freely admit that I’m a terrible assistant), just that there are many ways to go about getting things done.

Ask anyone who has attended any church for any extended period of time…the hottest debate is always music. Hymns? Chris Tomlin? Gaither Family? How loud? Drums on stage? Choir?

All these questions just about everyone has an opinion on. It isn’t to say some of these things are bad and others are good. Certainly I have my opinions about what is most relevant and what is going to speak to certain age groups, but there are many ways to go about worshiping God through music. The tough part is navigating through all those opinions to come to some sort of consensus. The great part of being an admin assistant…you don’t have to do that part 🙂

What has your job taught you?