Rose and I left for our vacation to Homer, Alaska today (Sunday). First off, traffic to Seattle was by far the worst I’ve ever had in all my drives to Seattle. Stop and go for 3 hours. We arrived to an absolute nightmare at the Seattle Airport. Apparently a volcano exploded a few days ago and now the ashes are causing a threat to air travel to all Alaska locations for tonight. The FAA canceled all flights to any location in Alaska. Over 1,000 people in Seattle alone were forced to re book flights for tomorrow or later. We are lucky enough to be postponed by only 10 hours.

So instead of sleeping in Juneau tonight, we are in Seattle. We just found out that every hotel near the airport here is completely booked, so for 4 hours, we’ll be gladly sleeping in a hotel. $79 for 4 hours of sleep (probably not worth it but whatever). We are definitely not looking forward to spending the entire day in Seattle and then Juneau, and then Anchorage on Monday…all before getting to Homer.

We are still very excited to have a week to be with family, fish, and enjoy God’s country.

O the joys of traveling.