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Why Vimeo is Better Than YouTube

As you might have noticed I use a video sharing website named Vimeo most often when posting videos. So maybe you are wondering why I use Vimeo instead of YouTube. Here is why:

1. First and foremost…quality. I’ll let the videos do the talking. Let’s take my kayaking video that I posted last week. I loaded the same file into YouTube and Vimeo. Below is both of them. You tell me which one is far and away better quality.

2. Uploading videos is much easier. You get more options for the thumbnail picture that shows before the video plays. You are able to watch it upload, rather than just getting the never-ending YouTube loading page.

3. I notice a major difference in HD quality. I don’t totally understand how how 720p and 1080p can be better on Vimeo than Youtube, but to my eye it isn’t close. The videos on the Vimeo HD page are incredible.

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4. If you upload a widescreen video is adapts to that, rather than just showing a huge area of black like YouTube is notorious for doing (of course when I embed the vidoes on my blog it does show the black, but not on the actual Vimeo page).

5. The company works out of two cities: New York and Portland. I have to support the Portland folks.

6. Vimeo doesn’t have junk. Vimeo has yet to be overrun with the crap you find all over YouTube. On YouTube, if you search for a song you find some hack playing his guitar or some amateur video from a concert. Vimeo has no such problem.

Now don’t get me wrong here. YouTube is an incredible website. If you’re looking for added SEO benefits or trying to get a video to go viral, YouTube is your best option.

I use it probably everyday, numerous times a day. There is an almost infinite amount of material on YouTube.

Vimeo is competing with YouTube on one level: personal videos.

They don’t allow videos from tv or dvds to be uploaded, it has to be someone’s personal content. So while you wouldn’t go to Vimeo to look for Saturday Night Live clips, you will find high quality professional videos.

Head over to my Vimeo page and then sign up for an account so I can watch your videos on a quality player.

So what do you think…do you like Vimeo or YouTube better?

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  • JR

    Haha! You probably KNEW I was going to respond. Vimeo FTW. Here are my reasons:
    1. HD content. Upload it the same as SD, but in HD!
    2. Channels and Albums. You can sort and organize your content how you like.
    3. Privacy. You have several levels including: PW protected (doesn’t show in your profile), Contacts Only (only shows to your contacts), plus several levels of comment control.
    4. No little bar with “similar content.” This was the primary reason the ministry doesn’t use YouTube. PM has no desire to inadvertently support content that is not ours when embedding a video in our blog or watching a video on our page. We want only OUR stuff to show. (same for my personal Vimeo).
    5. Embedding Options. You can choose to embed a video, an album, or a channel or everything! (and it’s just your content). This includes desktop widgets (for us Mac users).

    Those are a few of my reasons. They CLEARLY have a market to the discriminating film/video maker that wants a choice of what they do with their videos. You will find much higher quality videos from rookies and professionals alike. It also appeals to tech enthusiasts which is an appeal to me. I can find test footage, encode methods, examples of camera settings etc.

    Shameless plug:
    Peacemaker Ministries:

    You can also find an example of album embedding here:

  • Vin Thomas

    Hey…was that line about some hack playing his guitar aimed at me? j/k

    I like vimeo. I find a lot of sites are using it. I definitely notice a HUGE bump in quality. I also around quite a bit now, and Revver pays you if people watch your videos. That’s pretty cool — unless your some hack with a guitar ;)

  • Tyler

    No it was most definitely not about you Vin. Definitely aimed at the thousands of people out there who should not be singing or playing for the whole world to watch. You would not be one of those.

  • klampert

    great stuff and you are right…although i like viddler too

  • CJ Mills

    Vimeo for me man….

    Vimeo has yet to be overrun with the crap you find all over YouTube. On YouTube, if you search for a song you find some hack playing his guitar or some amateur video from a concert. Vimeo has no such problem.

    Now everyone will use it since you said it was awesome – way to go man! You blew it for us all!

  • Tyler

    hmmm good point. Maybe I should do a post on how bad it is so we can keep all the goodness to ourselves.

  • brent(inWorship)

    Vimeo has been my choice now for a while. I settle for Youtube sometimes, because unfortunately Vimeo is too slow sometimes. But hopefully with their growth, they will increase their speed.

    Vimeo is by far my choice!

  • Isaac

    The fact that they don’t show up in an RSS reader is a major blunder for vimeo. It means that any blog that contains a vimeo clip will display the text only but not the video clip. Anyone has a solution to this?

  • brent(inWorship)

    Isaac, not sure what RS reader your using, but they show up fine in mine. I use Google Reader. Check your RSS program preferences and see if it is selected to show embedded videos.

  • Tyler

    I think your issue is with your blog hoster not your RSS reader. Some blog formats don’t support vimeo’s code completely. Read up on how specifically to embed vimeo on your blog host.

  • brent(inWorship)

    Oooh, good to know Tyler. I think I lucked out. it’s always worked on my end.

  • Hmmmm, PLEASE READ

    HI, unfortunately, there is one problem with what you are declaring. Youtube does have High Quality and HD video. At the bottom right hand corner of the youtube video, written in small blue. It will give u the option of watching in High quality or HD. Vimeo may be better in which it automatically plays in High Quality, But I think you can choose in youtube options a preference to watch youtube videos in High quality display/HD.One other important detail. HD on the internet depends on the internet service provider and IPS connection speed. IN reality, HD streaming for comcast users is actually only possible in 720p. If you had Verizon Fios/FIBER OPTICS, the HD would stream in full 1080P. Furthermore, it does not matter if it is true HD, your argument was quality. It is the resolution which is displayed. I have not used vimeo,but I enjoy all aspects and options of the net. I will check it out, but youtube was here first. I also think you do have a point about youtubes vulnerability. Youtube screens out personal videos, and takes advantage for corporations using youtube for marketing/advertising strategy. IF ONLY YOUTUBE WASN’T SOLD TO SOME ADVERTISING MORONS, WHO ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY.

  • videomaker

    I like vimeo too, but the only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t allow me to approve comments before they are posted and there is no option to do so, only options that allow me to either delete comments after they have already been posted and viewed by others, or not to allow comments at all. If there was a feature that allowed me to screen comments, I think I’d be likely to use it more. For now I’ll wait.

  • Justin

    Yeah I just wrote a similar piece about Vimeo too… … F-YouTube. You can’t know for sure your video will be converted to HD. They are still claiming their HD feature is in Beta, so even though you upload something that is 1280 by 720, there’s no guarantee its going to be picked.

    God forbid the video is over 10 minutes.

  • Beau Chevassus

    Vimeo all the way. I use ‘em to host my videos on my website. I can’t afford their “vimeo plus,” which is quite frustrating, but I’ll always be a fan of

  • Pansy Jeske

    I love watching videos online specially on Youtube. There are lots of music clips, movie clips and instructional videos on Youtube. I love em all.

  • Sean Perry

    i use Youtube to watch Taylor Swift videos. I always watch movie clips on Youtube. What an awesome site. |

  • Bruce

    The irony is I can’t see the VIMEO video on your post only the tag to show it. I guess youtube won this round

    • Tyler

      That was only an issue from when I switched my blog to self hosted. Problem fixed.

  • Bruce

    Cool, now I can actually check it out, good post BTW, nice to have a personal point of view on the topic.

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