Worship Night

On Friday night we spent over an hour and a half singing and worshiping God as a church. It was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of at any church. God moved in silence, in music, in words, in reflection, in singing, and in prayer. Here is what the night looked like:

  • Mighty to Save (G)
  • For Who You Are (G)
  • Doxology
    • Moments of reflection and confession
  • A Broken Spirit
  • From the Inside Out (C)
  • Jesus Paid it All (B)
  • At the Cross (E)
  • The Stand (A)
    • A time of communion while Jill and Joyce underscored on piano and keys with The Stand.
  • Healer (B, we began by showing the “song story” on video)
  • Revelation Song (D)
    • We took an offering that will be given to Columbia County Flood Relief to support the ongoing flood relief in Vernonia, Oregon.
  • Hosanna (sang as a special by Rebecca Strott)
  • All Because of Jesus (A)
  • Happy Day (B)
  • Jesus Paid it All (short reprise)

It was a TON of work for our already busy volunteers. Usually just making a Sunday morning happen during a normal week is a lot of work, but so many stepped forward willing to make this all happen. We could not have done this without them.

One of my highlights was definitely going Healer and Revelation Song back to back. That was a moment for sure. Our congregation knows Jesus Paid it All and loves it. We made that the song that the night would revolve around. I think it was a perfect choice.

Bottom line: I can’t wait to do this again.

Sunday Setlists