Fortuitous Bouncing

  1. It took me 2 weeks to get in the groove for school. Not bad. Last year (being my first year of seminary) I think it took 10 weeks. I was in over my head. Well who am I kidding…I still am.
  2. Speaking of seminary…how many of you took graduate level courses and began class by singing a hymn and a class wide prayer? It is pretty sweet.



  • I recently read The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher by Rob Stinnet. It is probably the first fiction book I’ve read since high school…mostly because I don’t like fiction that often. But I will say this…awesome book. Easy read, awesome (yet ironic) storyline. I highly recommend it.
  • I also finished a book titled 6 Prayers God Always Answers. This book just flat out did not work for me. If it had been read as a message given at church it’s possible it could have worked. There were too many stories in each chapter, and eventually I got confused about what I was reading about.



And finally (wow this is a long one…too much good stuff this week) here is my last video from Alaska. Hope you get a good laugh out of it (video embedded my wonderful RSS readers).