Sarah Palin Puts Alaska on the Map

Many of you know I was in Alaska a few weeks ago. Let me clear the rumor mill…I did not see her while I was there, and my in laws have never met her. There are actually over 500,000 people in Alaska. Her nomination for Vice President has been on my mind a lot, BUT on this post I think I won’t share my opinion. I tend to do that with my posts on politics and this time I shall stay silent. I will however point you in a few different directions.

  • Sarah Palin spent a lot of time in her speech pointing out all the issues with Barack Obama. I found an article that looks into the facts of those issues. Read it HERE.
  • Should we be surprised that Brian McLaren was mostly disgusted with Palin’s speech? No matter where you stand his thoughts are interesting.
  • My Alaskan mom shares what it was like to see a fellow Alaskan on the international stage Wednesday night.
  • Both Jim Wallis and Eugene Cho are concerned about the lack of diversity represented in the crowd at the Republican Convention.
  • Randy Elrod says that Palin delivered an extraordinary speech.
  • Here are some thoughts on Palin from a Hillary backer.
  • Did you know that Palin only has an undergraduate degree?
  • Here is a tour of Palin’s hometown, Wasilla, Alaska.
  • Did you know that every Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate from the past 25 years (other than George H. Bush) has at least a Master’s degree? (k maybe my opinion is partially in there)
  • With all that said. I am proud to live in a country where 2 great leaders (Obama and Palin) can go from unknown to the Presidential ticket in 8 years. I know that the RNC crowd boo’d this about Obama, but I still think our country should be applauded for both people (crap, I know…more opinion from me).

And there you have my political post with no some opinions.

So I wonder…now that we’ve been introduced to her via a televised speech…

What do you think of Sarah Palin now?