Do You Dress Up For Church?

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I think you can put most church’s clothing attire into one of two categories.

  1. Business casual or professional attire.
  2. Casual.

The business casual or professional crowd is probably a bit older or maybe from the South, the casual crowd is probably younger or from the west coast.

I’ve been going to church my whole life (my dad has been a pastor since I was born), and I think there is one HUGE barrier to church for non-Christians that never gets talked about: style of clothing.

If you are a typical person around my age, you would probably go to church in jeans and a printed t-shirt that has undergone by gold ink screen printers. Maybe you wear a trendy jacket too. If the church you walk into is full of men in suits and women in dresses my guess is that you won’t be coming back.

If you wear a nice suit to church and all the crowd is in shorts or jeans, my guess is that you probably won’t be coming back.

Think I’m wrong? I doubt I am. Want to know why? Everyone looks the same in churches.

You rarely see a church that is mixed of shorts and suits.

This is what I do not understand. Many Christians believe that on Sunday you need to “dress your best for God.” Where is that in the Bible? I know it is in there…the temples/tabernacles of the Old Testament were built with the utmost detail. Yet I believe there is much Biblical support for those who could careless what you wear to church. John the Baptist is one of most holy men in the Bible, yet he wore animal skins all throughout his ministry. I doubt God valued him less because he didn’t wear a nice Jewish robe during his ministry years.

I believe too many of us are teaching non-Christians, if you can’t look good enough (or trendy enough) to fit in with our church, then you cannot be a Christian.

Is that the heart of most church-goers? Certainly not. But I think that is what is being shouted without being said.

Do you dress up for church?

Why or why not?

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