Get Out the Vote

I found out yesterday that I was an “inactive” voter because I had moved in the past two years…lame. Luckily I still get to vote, just have to fill out some paper work and go on a nice long bike ride sometime this week to get my ballot.

I’m assuming everyone has decided by now…hopefully you aren’t planning on playing russian roulette with your ballot. So I think it is time for a good ol’ man of depravity share time.

I want to know who you are voting for and why. I’ve tried to keep comments to this point as civil as possible and I want to encourage the same, but also encourage you to share whatever reasons you have for voting for/against either candidate. All I ask is that you avoid tearing each other a part in the comments.

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(I cannot see who votes for who in the poll…just the numbered results.)

So take the poll and share your thoughts.