The Life Marathon

This past weekend we started a new series called “The Life Marathon.” We will be going through the book of Jeremiah. My focus, the music/worship portion of Sunday mornings, has been on spiritual disciplines. Each week we are focusing on a different spiritual discipline that can help us, as followers of Christ, run the marathon of life. Here was our opening video of a man at our church who has run a lot of marathons. I run 2 or so miles a few times a week so I’m impressed. He shares about how marathons and the spiritual life have connection.

(Videos embedded)


Each week we’ll have a message bumper that will connect the life marathon with the day’s spiritual discipline focus. Here is last week’s:


I love what Richard Foster says about confession: “We must confess that we have sinned by our own fault, our own most grievous fault. Our sins cannot be called errors in judgment, nor is there any room to blame them on upbringing or family or mean neighbors. This is reality therapy of the best sort.”

Big props to Kent, Jay, Janet, Travis, and Dave for putting this all together.

You dig?