Translation Please

Last week I got the new ESV Study Bible in the mail. I ordered it about 6 months ago so I could get a lower price, even though it hadn’t been released. It got me thinking about all the different translations I use, and the various Bibles I have.

Left to Right

ESV Study Bible– As I said above, I just purchased this. Being in seminary I wanted a conservative translation with top notch study bible content. I believe this new study bible has set the bar for all others. You can’t find a better one. The only downside is that the thing is an absolute BEAST.

NIV Study Bible– I used this during my undergrad Bible and theology classes that I never paid attention in (hey, just being honest). I believe my dad used it during his seminary years.

NIV– This is the Bible I used all growing up. From early in middle school all the way through the end of high school.

NLT (New Living Translation)- This is a great translation for an easy read, while also staying somewhat close to the original Greek meaning. I haven’t used it in years though.

NASB– I’ve never used a New American Standard translation until this year of seminary. One of my profs only uses this version with the 1995 update. He believes it is the best interpretation of the Greek and is therefore the closest translation to original inspired text.

NIV– I love this Bible because it is small. I bring it with me to work and school because it is the most common translation used in my classes and what I like to use whenever I read Scripture from the stage on Sundays.

What is your favorite translation to use?