A Christian President

This week I’ve had a number of emails and a number of comments from my post titled “Christians Hate Obama.” Many of them have been quite negative to the point where I have either deleted the comment or shared some of my concern through an email back. Part of the problem is that if you google search “christians hate obama” you get this:

christians hate obama image searchYeah my blog post is right up there at the top. So I’m guessing that a number of irregular readers are the ones who have I gotten the disrespectful emails and comments from. I could sum most of them up as saying “how can a true Christian kill babies?” or “he is friends with terrorists so he is a muslim” or “that sign is right on, he is all of those things” (the sign being the picture on the post). I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because Christians are notorious for not being Christ like when it comes to politics.

Disclaimer: What I have to say comes out of the responses I’ve received in the past week. I am not speaking to or targeting any one person, nor am I trying make Obama’s policies come across as the Godly way. I don’t have any hidden agenda with this post and I’m not indicating which way I voted based on what I wrote.

Here is my concern. Obama has claimed many, many times that he has a personal relationship with Jesus. Politically he does have many liberal policies, zero of which affect his eternal destiny. Why do I say that? Let me explain.

In the New Testament there is much discussion of circumcision, but the discussion doesn’t need to be about circumcision, it could be about anything. At that time the Jews wanted Gentiles to get circumcised before they could become true followers of Christ. All through his letters and his life as a Christ follower, Paul fights this idea.

Essentially you could replace the word circumcision with anything: to be a true Christ follower you must first become (insert group here) OR to become a true Christ follower you must stop doing (insert sinful activity here). This is what the Jews were doing to the Gentiles…do this and then you can be true Christ followers like us. And that is exactly what many Christians are doing to Obama. Essentially saying to him… “If you would do this or stop doing that, then I could believe you are a true Christian like me” (no I’m not accusing you of thinking like this). That is not the grace I read about in the Bible.

There are no prerequisites to becoming a true follower of Christ other than recognizing the need for God’s grace. Paul is the best example of this. He had his first “Jesus encounter” on his way to Damascus to either jail or murder some apostles. If Paul can receive grace, so can a politician who is for abortion and has friendships with alleged terrorists.

Obama is a Christian as much as anyone else who claims to be. Only God knows the true eternal destiny of humans, those circumcised and not.

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