Fortuitous Bouncing

Sorry Greg Oden…this isn’t looking good. In other basketball news, Kevin Love and the Twolves…undefeated! Haven’t said that in a long long time. Nick and Starr finally stepped up their Amazing Race game. And yes, I did NOT dress up last night. Nor did I hand out candy (one of the pluses of living in an apartment). It was great to see Earth, Wind, and Fire open for the Blazers…but they were definitely NOT PLAYING.


  • Coldplay has a FREE music video of their song Lovers in Japan on iTunes. The video is pretty sweet, especially for free.
  • So excited to sing How He Loves on Sunday.
  • If anyone is looking for new music, there are three great new albums. Ray LaMontagne, Snow Patrol, and Ryan Adams. They’re all worth the money.


  1. Randy Alcorn on Obama and abortion. A must read for people from both sides. For Obama supports this presents questions that must be thought about. For Republicans, a pat on the back.
  2. Is using birth control murder?
  3. Ben Porter says “teachers like to have fun too.”
  4. Eugene Cho had a great dialogue on his blog about who is voting for who and why.
  5. Brian McLaren says he is voting for Obama based on the sacredness of life. You’ll have to read it to understand why, because like you…I about laughed when I read that.
  6. Shane Claiborne on voting as damage control.