Fortuitous Bouncing

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is next week. Maybe it is because I’m so focused on some other things going on next week other than Thanksgiving or maybe it is because we’ve had pretty great weather in Oregon for most of the month…but it has caught me by surprise this year. We’ll be heading down to my parent’s place for Thanksgiving with them, their dog, and my brother. Sadly my sisters will be spending Thanksgiving together down in SoCal…they can’t make it up until Christmastime.

The stunt pulled by Sugar on Randy on Survivor was UNBELIEVABLE!


  1. Greg Atkinson on the importance of seminary for people who aren’t pastors.
  2. Dan Kimball has an awesome post on the new missional network he is working on with Erwin McManus and Scot McKnight. I’m truly inspired about what this is turning into. Beyond that, I’m excited to see how God might use me as they have a strong West Coast group of leaders working on the groups formation.
  3. Efrem Smith on a Biblical model for the redistribution of wealth. If you take the 5 minutes to listen to this…IT WILL MAKE YOU THINK.
  4. Brody Harper has some great thoughts on the difference between new and returning viewers to blogs. I totally agree with him.
  5. Adam Walker Cleaveland broke the news to me that Focus on the Family laid off a good number of their employees this week. They also spent a load of money on Prop 8. Question for you…is saving the “sanctity of marriage” a worthy cause for people losing their jobs?
  6. Lynne Hybels shares about her journey to the Middle East.