Resign Today

A few weeks ago I read a interesting post by Tony Morgan based on something his pastor (Perry Noble) said. The post got a modest 184 comments and counting…

Perry was leading a staff meeting for his church and he said:

“If you aren’t working your dream job, resign today.”

Tony went on to say this on his post:

The day before he shared that with the staff, Perry asked a few of us if he should be that bold with that challenge. We encouraged him to lay it all out on the line. In fact, we decided in advance that we would provide a three-month severance package for any staff member who agreed to resign within 24 hours.

We want staff leaders that are passionate about the mission of NewSpring Church. We believe that what we are doing is critical to the lives of thousands of people. People’s eternities are at stake. There’s an urgency to our mission that requires a team that’s fully engaged in our cause.

  • We can’t afford to pay people to be bitter about their job situation.
  • We can’t afford to pay people to try to figure out what God wants them to do.
  • We can’t afford to pay people to wish they were someplace else doing something different.

After thinking through some of this, I have to disagree with Perry’s statement. It just doesn’t work for me.

The statement assumes that everyone is in a place in life where their dream job is attainable.

My life is a good example of this. Right now, I’m not working my dream job. But I am going to school so that I can work my dream job. But considering where I am in life right now (going to school), I am working the perfect job.

I think churches should pay people as they figure out what God wants them to do. I don’t think you should pay someone who isn’t sure they want to be in church ministry. But so much of leadership development (something both Tony and Perry talk about so often) is often about putting energy into people as God molds them into what He wants them to become.

Sure the quote makes you think, but in the end I don’t think it holds.

Are you working your dream job? If not, should you quit?