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Sunday Rundown 11.30.08.

Today I led worship for both services at Sunset. We currently have two different services at Sunset: different feel, different songs. Here were the sets (keys are in parenthesis):


  • Friend of God (D)
  • Take My Life (E to F#)
  • Offering: Praise the Father, Praise the Son (D)
  • Message from Ezekiel
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (D)
  • You are Near (A)


  • Let God Arise (B)
  • Everlasting God (A)
  • Offering: By Your Side (G, Tenth Avenue North)
  • Message from Ezekiel
  • Take My Life (D, Chris Tomlin arrangement)
  • You Never Let Go (A)

Now for some of my thoughts on the day…

  1. I did not grow up singing hymns…like ever. I didn’t even know how to sing the hymn Take My Life until 3 months ago. With that said, leading hymns and doing them well is a struggle for me. I don’t know how to do them “right,” however that might be. I appreciate the value of hymns but I’m still learning how to interact with them within a worship set.
  2. We did Let God Arise right into Everlasting God which provided a great upbeat opening 2 songs. I loved it, and the band nailed it.
  3. Definitely the highlight of the morning was pulling off By Your Side. I’ve loved this song for a while and even got to see Tenth Avenue North do it live a few months ago. It was a treat to get to sing it. The song fit my range pretty well and the band really sunk their teeth into it. I hope to get the video from us doing this on You Tube soon.
  4. Part of me felt a post-Praise Night funk. We had a great night of worship with 500 or 600 people on Wednesday night. It was one of those nights when I had to thank God so often for allowing me to do what I get to do for a job. It reminds me of the basketball games after huge wins; there is always the feeling of a let down whether there needs to be or not. I had a little bit of that going on. It probably didn’t help that I was without my usual cohorts Jay and Jill.
  5. Overall, a good morning to worship with the church.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

(Sunday Setlists)

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  • Jim Drake


    Wow–that’s a lot of songs brother…. were these songs that you used for your Night of Worship?


  • Tyler

    no it was a completely different band for today and we didn’t do any of the same songs.

  • janowen

    Tyler, I think it is always “normal” to feel a bit of an emotional let down after big events. I almost always run off for a few days after Easter because I’m so exhausted and the thought of going back into work the next morning is not appealing. I need a break after retreats, big events, etc. It’s strange – all will go great and then two days later I’ll be lamenting every mistake I made or things I wish I had done differently. I think it’s the outpouring of emotion – our bodies and minds and souls just need time to recover from the big push. So I think that’s really normal – you just have to learn to deal with it in a way that is good for you. The keys for me are: 1) celebrating the win with my team and then 2) space…..

    My Thanksgiving weekend was great. Good times with my kids and husband and family and we got the tree up and then Bama beat Auburn…..what else could I ask for. :)

  • eric lopez

    Worship was great today, the talk on ezekiel…… so good!

  • Mike Mahoney

    I’d love to hear that segue from “Let God Arise” (I thought we were the only ones who did that song!) to “Everlasting God.” That must have sounded great!

    I know what you mean with the post-event letdown. I try to look at it like “getting back to normal.” Makes Sunday worship seem easy.

  • Steffanie Oltmans

    Yea I’d really like to hear that transition from “Let God arise” into “Everlasting God” also. I love it when we can just flow from one song right into the next. Great set.

  • Tyler

    Our transition on that song wasn’t anything special. We did the Brewster version of Everlasting God. So at the end of Let God Arise, our drummer clicked off right into the chugging electric guitar on an A bar chord.

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