Sunday Rundown 11.30.08.

Today I led worship for both services at Sunset. We currently have two different services at Sunset: different feel, different songs. Here were the sets (keys are in parenthesis):


  • Friend of God (D)
  • Take My Life (E to F#)
  • Offering: Praise the Father, Praise the Son (D)
  • Message from Ezekiel
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (D)
  • You are Near (A)


  • Let God Arise (B)
  • Everlasting God (A)
  • Offering: By Your Side (G, Tenth Avenue North)
  • Message from Ezekiel
  • Take My Life (D, Chris Tomlin arrangement)
  • You Never Let Go (A)

Now for some of my thoughts on the day…

  1. I did not grow up singing hymns…like ever. I didn’t even know how to sing the hymn Take My Life until 3 months ago. With that said, leading hymns and doing them well is a struggle for me. I don’t know how to do them “right,” however that might be. I appreciate the value of hymns but I’m still learning how to interact with them within a worship set.
  2. We did Let God Arise right into Everlasting God which provided a great upbeat opening 2 songs. I loved it, and the band nailed it.
  3. Definitely the highlight of the morning was pulling off By Your Side. I’ve loved this song for a while and even got to see Tenth Avenue North do it live a few months ago. It was a treat to get to sing it. The song fit my range pretty well and the band really sunk their teeth into it. I hope to get the video from us doing this on You Tube soon.
  4. Part of me felt a post-Praise Night funk. We had a great night of worship with 500 or 600 people on Wednesday night. It was one of those nights when I had to thank God so often for allowing me to do what I get to do for a job. It reminds me of the basketball games after huge wins; there is always the feeling of a let down whether there needs to be or not. I had a little bit of that going on. It probably didn’t help that I was without my usual cohorts Jay and Jill.
  5. Overall, a good morning to worship with the church.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

(Sunday Setlists)