Canceling Church

Today (Dec 21st) we had a to cancel church. We’ve had up to a foot of snow in some spots and at least 6 inches everywhere. On top of that is a nice layer of frozen rain. It is a driving nightmare. There really wasn’t any other option, sadly.

It is a funny thing, the phrase: “canceling church”. All that is closed is a building. Church will still happen on the sledding hills, in cars, in homes, and even on the internet. Closing a building doesn’t really mean canceling church.

This couldn’t come at a worse time. Almost every church in America and in Oregon is behind on their budgets. The past 2 weekends Oregon churches have either been canceled or had very minimal numbers and in turn, minimal giving. It is a sad thing that most people do not give when they do not come.

Pastors will lose their jobs, and many ministries will lose money.

That is the harsh reality of “canceling church”.