Fortuitous Bouncing

Well the coldest weather that I can remember since I moved to Oregon is about to hit. I moved here 14 years ago, so this is a pretty rare thing. The temperature is not supposed to get above freezing for 5 or 6 days and the forecast for snow actually seems legit (unlike normal). Looks like it is going to be a rough week of bike riding.

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  1. Prostitutes before priests. Interesting thoughts from John Piper.
  2. Dong Yun Yoon lost everything when a jet crashed into his home and he still calls the pilot a treasure. Incredible story.
  3. One of the largest churches in Detroit brought up Hybrid SUVs on stage recently as part of a prayer to God to save the auto industry there. Idol worship or no? Here is a good interview with the pastor of that church on why they did this.
  4. Some interesting thoughts on how India should respond to the recent attacks in Mumbai.
  5. How one church is creating the look and feel of Christmas.
  6. Legalistic versus real repentance: Great quote from Tim Keller.
  7. Corporations are like prostitutes.



  • Nebraska is playing on New Year’s Day!!
  • THIS is why I hate the Yankees.