I'm Caving In And…

Starting to Twitter.

Wow…I hear the snide remarks already. Leave ’em at the door.

You can read my reasons for why I haven’t Twittered yet HERE.

Why am I starting to Twitter NOW you ask?

Well let me tell you…

  • I’m not in school right now and I have loads of free time (which was one of my big reasons for not using Twitter).
  • I haven’t been online near as much and will be off a lot when I’m in Alaska. It will allow me to stay somewhat connected with friends.
  • I have unlimited text and a phone built for texting so I might as well take advantage.

Feel free to follow me HERE. A lot of you already do even though I’ve never done an update (haha).

I’ll give this a shot for the next 3 weeks and I’ll see if it is worth sticking with.

Feel free to give me some advice on how to make my experience the best, because I don’t really know what I’m doing.