Survivor: Gabon

Last night was the finale of Survivor in Gabon. It is my favorite tv show. I can’t exactly pin down why. I think it is because human interaction is so interesting to me and Survivor does a perfect job of pitting human interaction/culture shock/competition all into one show.

Here are some thoughts on the finale and the season…

  • Sugar is absolutely the best/worst player ever. Best because she played an outstanding game. Worst because her game was emotionally driven. She could have beaten almost anyone in her alliance but Bob. And sure enough…she cried about it and decided to let Bob make a good fire to win a million bones.
  • Corinne needs counseling.
  • Bob was maybe the most dominating Survivor player ever. Who would have thought the skinny science teacher could do what he did?
  • Randy needs counseling.
  • Sugar should have won this game…
  • The best moment ever in Survivor history came in this season when Randy got blindsided with a fake idol.
  • Bob’s idea for fake idols will change the game of Survivor. What an ingenious idea.
  • Did I mention that Corinne needs counseling?
  • How on God’s green earth did Susie get 3 votes? People need to stop rewarding bad game play and pure luck.

I rooted for Bob the whole way…what about you?