The Amazing Race

I’m sure there are a few of you who watch the Amazing Race.

A long while ago I declared my fanhood for Nick and Starr, and throughout the race they showed that they were by far the best team…mostly because of Nick. They kind of reminded me of myself and my little (I guess she isn’t little anymore) sister.

Dan and Andrew were included on my hit list after tonight’s show because they did not know how to pronounce “Oregon”. Are you kidding me?

I already didn’t like Ken and Tina, because honestly…Tina is utterly ridiculous.

Of all places to end the race…PORTLAND, OREGON!!!

In fact “Tilikum” was one of the key stops on this last leg of the race. I have been there many, many times. Freshman year I took a canoeing class on the lake there. It is a little outside Newberg, Oregon. Rose has done those drills on the trees that they did as part of a detour.

The race finished at Pittock Mansion. One of my mom’s most favorite spots in Oregon,  a stop on one of my first dates with Rose, and easily the best view of  Portland you can get.

The great news is that Nick and Starr won!!!

For you Amazing Race fans….any thoughts?