Weird Week

And it is getting weirder.

I’m not sure what it is about the Willamette Valley of Oregon, but just about any snow or ice causes things to go haywire. School has been out all week despite the fact that most areas around Portland have gotten less than 4 inches of snow all week. At Sunset, we close our offices when the schools are closed. So therefore…I haven’t gone into the office at all because they are closed. Luckily I am able to get a decent amount of work done from home.

With no school because I finished last Friday and less work than normal, it has honestly been a pretty boring week for me.

The problem is this bad weather isn’t going away for us. More ice and below freezing weather Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And then another snow and ice storm is supposed to hit on Saturday night and Sunday. It could very well close most churches on Sunday.

I guess time will tell with what happens. Going into next week the cold weather might not leave us until Christmas day. That could threaten what churches have planned for Christmas Eve. Weird…

I pass the time by walking in the snow, watching movies, reading books, sleeping in and taking afternoon naps, and driving in the snow (because it is fun!).

If you are from around here…what are you doing with all the extra time?

If you aren’t from around here…how much snow is needed to close school?

(For me, growing up in Minnesota, it took 2 feet of snow before they closed school.)

  • eric lopez

    making mini well pumps out of copper, for Christmas gifts/art/read books/walk dog/talk to fam

  • chad

    I am pretty sure the schools are closed due to ice, not snow. The problem in Oregon is that it is always so wet that if it drops below freezing you will have ice on the roads. Combine that with the fact that a lot of our cities/towns are filled with hills and you have no school.

  • Kendra

    I’m pretty sure ice closes schools in Bend too. You need lots of snow to close school. They had optional school Monday, but regular school the rest of the week.

    the problem with the valley is they aren’t nearly as prepared for snow, for instance, as places like Central Oregon. We have snow plows, studded tires, lots of sanding & salt trucks, so a city like bend can be open. The valley doesn’t have a high need for that kind of stuff but once every few years, so its harder for drivers, buses, and business to be ready to roll!

    The Bend La pine School district isn’t letting buses driver over the pass! Its a bummer for sports! My High School team has been in one swim meet the whole season!

    Ian and i are burning lots of wood in our wood stove, and rented all the Home Alone movies! 🙂

  • Tyler

    You’re right ice is more dangerous than snow. with that said…school was never closed in minnesota due to ice. people need to learn how to drive in bad weather. chains are ridiculous.

  • Bruce

    They also didn’t close schools in Minne with temps at -5 below.. For two years I had a early morning paper route, I had studded tires on my Bicycle, and dressed like an Eskimo. Portland is my Hawaii… 8^)