Charitable Giving

donateEach month Rose and I give somewhere around 10% to our church. I say around there because I am not too tightly tied to the idea that Christians have to give 10% (a tithe) to their local church. I’m not saying that 10% isn’t important, but I don’t see strong enough Biblical support of it to be legalistic about it.

Right now we aren’t in a place in life where we have a lot of extra time or paid vacation to travel and help various ministries since we are both in school and working. So the main way we can give to causes and ministries is financially (although I long for the day when we are able to give more than just prayer and money).

We currently support a girl named Monica in Uganda through World Vision but would like to look at other viable ministries, organizations, or causes deserving of financial support.

If you had money to consistently give to any organization, which one would you choose?