I read a post today by Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) that I could really relate with. He said:

“My previous post is about one million people deciding to follow Jesus with the assistance of some new web tools and only two people thought it interesting enough to comment on. Sometimes the blogosphere seems very shallow to me. I wonder what tasty pieces of trivial gossip will be served up today?” (emphasis his).

I could probably write a post criticizing Rob Bell and get a bunch of hits and a good amount of comments. Or I could write a post about Obama and the same thing would happen.

But if I write a post about knowing God or something more devotional almost no one will read it and there will be a comment or two.

When I think about that I too have to question why we are so shallow when it comes to blogs (and yes I definitely include myself).

Why do we need gossip or flame throwing headlines in order to get excited about a blog post?