Fortuitous Bouncing

Well I’m home alone this weekend. Rose is gone on a retreat for a class she is taking. I’m going to live it up….riiiight.

Lots of great stuff out there this week.


  1. Is virtual community real community? This was the best post I saw among the many posts about this from the past week.
  2. Relevant magazine did a nice piece on how to get a new job.
  3. Bob Hyatt brought it for his post on the death of preaching. Definitely worth a read.
  4. A restaurant turned around their business through the simple use of Twitter.
  5. Recently a pastor tested his church’s compassion by sitting in the parking lot dressed up to look like he was drunk and homeless. Read about it HERE.
  6. Rain.
  7. Scot McKnight on whether pastors are truly pastors or if they are personalities. I love where he went with his thoughts.


  • Bipartisanship?
  • The 25 best blogs of 2009.
  • According to THIS, blogging can make you happier.
  • A-ROD: At first I was alright with your apology, I thought I could give you a 2nd chance. But after reading THIS and hearing the news about your this week…I’m done with you.
  • This is CRAZY!!! (watch below):
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