The Bubble

You know what I mean by “the bubble” right?

Isn’t it obvious?

I’m talking about The Christian Bubble (it deserves the capitals because it is a legitimate place). Christians love their bubble.

We call culture evil and we avoid it and the people a part of it.

We want to reach unbelievers but we aren’t ever around them.

I am the worst example. I work at a church and I go to seminary. Almost all of my time is around professing believers in Christ. And that cannot be a positive thing. Just thinking about this convicts me with everything I am, and yet, sadly, nothing has changed in how I interact with people for the past year.

At a seminar I went to a few weeks ago, Dan Kimball displayed a graph showing that the longer people are Christians the less non-Christians they spend time with. That, friends, is a wake up call.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Does this apply to you?
  2. How can Christians avoid this happening (practical ways)?