Fortuitous Bouncing

Boy those American Idol judges sure pulled a fast one on Thursday night…13 instead of 12.

I have lost respect for them for at least one week after bringing back Tatiana for the wild card round.

I think the competition will come down to Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds, and if Danny doesn’t win I’ll actually be sad.


  1. Don Miller has a post on what U2 faces everytime they make a new album. It kind of reminds me of the pressure a worship pastor feels.
  2. A new blog worth checking out: Faithblogging.
  3. This will make you think: “the myth of the institution-less church.”
  4. You probably have 150 real friends.
  5. A book I’m reading in one of my classes is available for a free audio download.
  6. Mark Batterson has some wonderful thoughts on how to deal with criticism. He also has some great rules for how he writes (probably worth listening to).