Look At Me

So often I feel like the social networking and web 2.0 world (Facebook, Twitter, blogging) is all about people shouting at other people to look at them.

You know you’ve thought the same thing at one point or another, come on.

People are always asking readers to subscribe to their blog, follow them on Twitter, and be friends with them on Facebook. And I’m right there too…I get sucked into the idea that if only a few more people read my blog or followed my Twitter, then…THEN I would have it made.

Going with yesterday’s theme of Matthew 6…I was recently reading verses 1-5 in that chapter. You can read them HERE.

I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would think about all this, and if verses 1-5 are any indication I think he would have some concerns. Part of me thinks he would be all for building relationships (and I do believe web friendships are real), but part of me thinks he would say we are all puffing ourselves up.

When Jesus performed a miracle he often told the person to go in secrecy…not to tell anyone.

Jesus told the disciples to go into their rooms and close the door when they prayed because God values what is unseen by the world.

I have a hard time balancing those principles taught by Jesus with how I blog and Twitter.

Do you?