Fortuitous Bouncing

You know your bracket is absolute garbage when the pastor makes fun of you on stage as he starts his message…

I’ll be rooting for Villanova the rest of the way, which likely means they will lose. That has been my luck this year.

Who you cheering for?


    1. I go to seminary with Jeff and he recently posted a letter he wrote to a high school student’s parents. Totally loved what he said.
    2. Women should remain silent?
    3. My dad pointed me to a great post by a pastor in Salem. It is titled, “the difference 90 minutes can make.” Very well said. One of the best posts in a while. A must read.
    4. The Facebook generation and what it means.
    5. A new blog I’ve been reading is by C. Wess Daniels. My favorite post is about how blogging can be a ministry. Word.
    6. iStopover is a great new website that helps you find rooms you can rent for a cheap alternative to hotels.


      70 degrees in Portland is the forecast for Sunday. Praise the Lord.