A Word for Leaders (Now and Future)

As a person in seminary and working at a church I view myself as a leader. It would be weird to me for someone to be pursuing a job in church ministry without first being a leader. Everything a pastor does is about leadership.

Obviously leadership within the church is something I think about often.

I read something over the weekend that is still stirring within me. I think today’s leaders and future leaders can learn much for this.

It answers the question of: What have we learned from the rise, decline, and renewal of next generation ministries?

“Your staff culture has to represent the culture you’re trying to create in the wider church. That’s one of the biggest misses in contemporary church work. You have a business-run, top-down, bottom-line culture yet you’re trying to bring around a loving, transformative culture in your community. It just doesn’t work.”

I think leaders and pastors can learn a lot from that statement.

(HT: Out of Ur)