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Reaching Those Detached from Church

Part One // A Culture of Confession

Part Two // The Problem with Salvation and Forgiving Grace

We’ve been looking at confession in the context of the local church gathering, and also how our view of salvation affects our ability to experience forgiveness in confession. It is something that God has been working on in my heart the past few weeks.

I could be wrong, but the I think the number one way people become disenfranchised by church is through the legalism church presents. We are taught to live holy and moralistic lives in order that God might bless us. This type of teaching creates 2 things:

  1. A misunderstanding of what blessing is.
  2. A lack of grace.

I see this as a problem with Christianity and I think it is a problem that the confessing church overcomes.

You might be thinking that I’m viewing confession as a license to sin, but really all I’m saying is that God desires us to acknowledge our sin with him and with each other.

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My first thing I thought after watching this:

We need to be a confessing church in order to reach those who are not being reached.

(HT: Desiring God)

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  • Michael D


    I’d appreciate it if you could go into more detail as to how confession addresses your two points and how confession assists outreach.

    My apologies if my disconnect is in something obvious. Just trying to understand.

    • Tyler

      In the video Matt talked about moralistic deism. That we do this and do that in order to please God. This is what we are taught growing up in the church a lot of the time. So many run away from the church when we do all these things perfectly and still aren’t blessed.

      We have this misconstrued notion of what it means to be a Christ follower (it means a lot more than moral decisions). I think confession helps overcome this problem. It doesn’t overcome the blessing or not blessing, but it does overcome this notion that we must do this and do that. We experience grace and forgiveness from God and from community. Something that isn’t experienced in a moralistic and legalistic church.

      We reach those that have been put off by this legalistic church by offering a community of grace and forgiveness. This is something that a confessing church has to offer.

  • ryan guard

    I’m a bit out of the loop on the trilogy you have going here (I haven’t looked at the first two yet), but I loved the video. I could listen to Matt Chandler teach all day long. Well, maybe not that long.

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