Some News

As many of you will remember, I recently applied for a summer internship with The Mentoring Project. You can read about The Mentoring Project HERE and some of the reason behind why I wanted to apply HERE.

Well I found out on Monday that I got the internship and that not all applicants were accepted. I’m very thrilled, humbled, and excited about this opportunity.

I had a meeting yesterday to figure out some of what I’ll be involved with for the next 8 or 9 weeks.

  • I’ll be helping plan and organize 2 or 3 events for mentors and mentees to attend.
  • I’ll be helping start a Mentoring Project blog and working with some other media projects.
  • Hannah (the program assistant) isn’t a big fan of admin work, so I told her I’d help out when I was in the office.
  • I’ll be working with churches in the area that currently have a mentoring program (to make it bigger) and meeting with churches who are interested in starting one.

There are a couple other details that haven’t been worked out that I’ll be involved with, but the things listed are where most of my time will be spent. For those of you who prayed for this possibility for me, thank you so much.