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Fortuitous Bouncing

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day and enjoy the long weekend.

I have 3 tickets to the Coldplay show in Portland this coming Friday. I’m trying to either sell them or sell 2 of them to friends so I can go with them. Let me know if you are interested or know someone who is.


  1. The top 10 objections to Twitter with answers by Michael Hyatt.
  2. Adam Walker Cleaveland with some interesting thoughts on pastoral compensation.
  3. Matthew Paul Turner’s letter to God.
  4. A post that resonated with me a big way. Thoughts on Michael Jackson’s death and not caring about it.
  5. Good list of books to read on church leadership.
  6. For those of you who have been following the Derek Webb drama, here is the song that caused all of it.


Those of you who are around Portland. You don’t want to miss the first 2 songs at Sunset tomorrow morning. Going to be awesome in both the 9am and 11am.

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  • Christy Polek

    Isn’t the Derek Webb drama not real?

    And I wish I could be in Portland to a) see Coldplay and b) see your worship set tomorrow.

    Happy 4th! Hope it was great!

    • Tyler

      yeah i really don’t get the whole derek webb thing. he talked about homosexuality and used a cuss word. i guess that isn’t “christian” enough. it was really just a promo and it probably worked.

  • Christy Polek

    Actually, the Derek Webb stuff seems more like an episode of LOST to me… weird.

  • randy

    Seriously thought about doing the coldplay concert … but it was at the end of a busy week and a wedding on Saturday. Have fun!

    But then I keep also thinking of the reasons I don’t do concerts any more … I don’t like to stand or dance around, I like to sit and enjoy. Plus, then I’m not blocking those behind me (the tallness in me).

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