Fortuitous Bouncing

We don’t have AC in our apartment, so any day over 90* makes for a warm afternoon and evening at our place. Last night it was over 80 in our apartment at 11:45pm. I honestly think you can do just fine without AC in Portland during the summer, but days like yesterday (95*) make it a little more difficult.


  1. Loved this story that Eugene shared on his blog.
  2. Top 10 reasons young adults leave a church.
  3. Eric Bryant shared some thoughts on the pointlessness of church membership.
  4. What happened to Dan Kimball’s hair?!?!?!
  5. Churches have a hard time communicating with their congregations.
  6. Intelligence fail.
  7. This is one great church sign.
  8. The death penalty denies the Gospel (save the comments for that post, I’m just sharing it not agreeing with it).
  9. One of my favorite Tweets of the week.
  10. Twitter will kill you from David Crowder (hilarious).
  11. “So you say your friend is gay.”


Have a great weekend friends.