The Emotional Charge of The Bible

During this past semester of school one quote has stood out to me above all the rest:

“Do not expect always to get an emotional charge or a feeling of quiet peace when you read the Bible. By the grace of God you may expect that to be a frequent experience, but often you will get no emotional response at all.”

The quote is from Geoffrey Thomas’ book Reading the Bible.

Much of the time I start reading the Bible to get my “feeding” for the day, to mark it off the check list. And even as I approach it in such a way I also expect God to do his thing and light a fire under me. I actually think many churches are teaching this kind of idea with “daily devotionals.” We read our chapter for the day and God shakes us up to realize our purpose in this world.

God is speaking in many ways to the believer, and through his Word is just one way. It often will not provide immediate life-change, but rather consistent obedience.

Your thoughts?