Topical Vs. Exegetical Preaching

Kurt and I were recently talking about topical and exegetical preaching. I saw this video and showed it him to, and that framed our conversation (RSS readers you can watch it here):


  • Topical preaching:
    • Looks at what the whole of the Bible has to say on a specific subject.
    • Speaks directly to subjects relating to today’s world.
  • Exegetical preaching:
    • Looks at the Bible as it was written, piece by piece.
    • Focuses on specific books of the Bible, with a few supporting verses from outside the main text.
    • What does this specific text have to say about God and us?

(This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive description list of topical and exegetical preaching.)

Couple thoughts:

  • I tend to prefer exegetical preaching, though there are few things more inspiring than a great topical preacher.
  • There are a lot of pastors who kind of mix topical and exegetical preaching I can’t name very many who are good at it.
  • If you are looking for immense Biblical support for one or the other, be prepared to look for a while.

Which one do you prefer?

Which one do you think is the most Biblical?