Fortuitous Bouncing

Wow…what a week. The longest, most event filled, stressful week I’ve had in a long time. I have tomorrow off and then I’m leading the music at Sunset in the 9am, 11am, and 6pm services. Shall be a long day.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sovereignty series. I know it has been incredibly wonderfully for me to hear on the topic from many people who have great insights.

The Leadership Summit was quite enjoyable the past 2 days (Thursday and Friday). I went with almost everyone from my team at Sunset and many others who are key volunteers and leaders at the church. I walk away giving the best session trophy to Gary Hamel (because I still can’t get over how genius the guy is) and 2nd best session trophy to Wess Stafford (who made everyone cry).


  1. The myth of the progressive young Christian. My comment is about 10 from the bottom.
  2. Why teens don’t tweet.
  3. 5 things John Dyer learned from reading the newspaper for 2 straight weeks.
  4. Tony Morgan’s notes on Gary Hamel’s Leadership Summit session. A must read.
  5. What to do when someone rebukes you for your thoughts displayed on your blog or Twitter.
  6. How to handle and deal with social media when it feels like you are swimming upstream the whole time.
  7. Don Miller shares about his plumber, but not really. You’ll see…
  8. “So, is drinking ok?”


The last 2 days have been the first days in 3 weeks that we’ve been below 80. Kinda weird.

See you Sunday?