Look How Far We've Come

long road

Often times I get bogged down in my thinking about where the church and Christianity is today. I go back and forth between thinking really positive thoughts about church and Christianity and thinking about how poorly the church and believers do in theology, relationships, and reaching unbelievers. But I recently read this and it gave me a better perspective I think.

“Luther recovered the radical nature of divine grace, the centrality of faith, and the priesthood of all believers-crucial aspects of Christianity that had been lost since the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Wesley recovered the holy nature of discipleship, which had been dormant for some time. The Pentecostals¬† recovered the relevance of the gifts of the Spirit for today after 1700 years of almost total absence. A number of thinkers throughout this century have been rediscovering the central significance of the doctrine of the Trinity, the understanding that the church is a dynamic organism instead of an organization, and the centrality of eschatology for Christian thought and living” (Boyd, The God of the Possible, 117).

Look how far we’ve come.

(Photo: Dawn Allynn)