Taking A Break

lake okoboji, iowa

This morning I leave for a trip to Minnesota and Iowa. I’ll be gone for a week with my family to see grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I was born in Minnesota and lived there until I was 9 and a half. I remain a loyal fan to the Vikings, Twins, and T-Wolves, and I’ll even get to see a Twins game next Monday. I’ll be in southwest Minneapolis and on Lake Ok0boji, Iowa (my parents met there) during my time there. Should be a fun week.

I’m not planning on blogging (the sovereignty series will continue as planned) during my week away. I haven’t taken a break from blogging since I started, and I haven’t had a day off of work since January. I feel a sense that I need this break to truly be a break from work and from blogging/Twitter/social media. If something interesting happens (like Favre actually signing with the Vikings) while I’m there, I’ll be sure to update on Twitter or Facebook though.

I’ll definitely miss the interaction I get with all of you, but I am also looking forward to a chance to unplug and be in the moment.

(Photo of Lake Okoboji)