Fortuitous Bouncing

Wow what a crazy weekend I have. Yesterday was a day spent with worship ministry staff and leadership going over a DISC personality profile workshop and then a ministry-wide dessert get together. Today I am part of strategic and long term planning for the worship ministry at Sunset. Hoping for a wonderful day with much revelation.


  1. John Piper on President Obama speaking to today’s children on the first day of school. You might be surprised by what he says, I know I was.
  2. So awesome. “An outsider’s guide to the Christian Subculture.”
  3. Yikes, talk about controversial. Check out this post titled: Why Political Conservatism is Dangerous to the Gospel (And to clarify, I link to things I agree with and disagree with. I fully want to encourage us to read things from various perspectives).
  4. Loved this post on liturgy, modern worship, and music in church.
  5. A helpful guide to help you get a handle on your email inbox from Michael Hyatt.


Go Vikings.