Fortuitous Bouncing

It doesn’t get much better than fall in Oregon. Cool nights, warm afternoons, some rain, some sun.

This weekend will pretty much make or break the season for my Minnesota Twins. They have to pull off a sweep or bare minimum take 2 out of 3 to have a chance over the last 2 weeks. Of course it helps that the Tigers can’t win a game right now.

Go Nebraska.


  1. Church Marketing Sucks on Abercrombie and church.
  2. The 6 stages of Twitter adoption. I think this is right on with me experience.
  3. Instead of wanting to be more “like Mike” maybe we should want to be more like David Robinson. Wonderful post.
  4. Awkward moments with Facebook’s “like” feature.
  5. Beer, pizza, music…all on one bike in Portland.
  6. Love Your Political Enemies: A Response to Jimmy Carter’s Comments on Racism.


Have a great weekend friends.

  • Seth

    Wooo…still stage one and loving it!!!

  • Tyler

    Ha, that’s awesome Seth.

  • dk

    Did you hear about Kanye’s latest outburst? He interrupted Patrick Swayze’s funeral to say Michael Jackson’s was better.

  • Gar

    Go Beavers!

  • ash

    i’ve read the homeless girl’s blog. it’s quite fascinating, actually and i found it through another blog that collaborates homeless people (who are able) called “homeless tales”…these people are incredible.