Insights on Sovereignty

Well the long sovereignty series has drawn to a close. If you haven’t had a chance to read all of the posts you can always head back here to check out the series schedule which has links to each of the posts.

One of the dangers of making the series cover a topic this broad was that many people would essentially say the same thing, but as it turned out I honestly don’t think anyone had the same thing to say.

I was thinking this morning about what was one thing I learned or an insight I gained from reading all of the posts on sovereignty.

For me the insight would be that God shows himself to us far better in life than he does in theology books. We often come to our conclusions about His sovereignty through systematic theology and build our own theological convictions around our conclusions on His sovereignty. Yet, our conclusions on His sovereignty matters little until we come to interact with it in our lives.

What is an insight that you gained from the series?