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Sunday Rundown // 9.6.09

Earlier today I led worship in both of our morning services at Sunset. It was my first weekend back off after my first two week break from the stage in over a year. I also got to have Rose up on the stage with me for the first time in a while. I love singing with her because I don’t have to give her many directions and because she helps put me at ease about everything.

9am set:

  • Glory (Hillsong, E)
  • Our God is an Awesome God (Mullins, G)
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness
  • Message from Barbara on Psalm 139
  • At the Cross (Hillsong, E)
  • Tis So Sweet

We had to cut one song because we were going long. I felt like the congregation was less engaged than average. In fact during “At the Cross” I saw one guy yawn and take a huge stretch as he stood up. I’ll be honest, it frustrated me quite a bit. Having not grown up on hymns I always feel a bit weird about leading them, mostly because I don’t know how to do them well. I wouldn’t know the difference between doing a hymn well and poorly. Hopefully we did alright.

11am set:

  • Freedom is Here (Hillsong, D)
  • In Your Freedom (Hillsong, G)
  • Message
  • At the Cross
  • You Hold Me Now
  • Cannons (Wickham, E)

Freedom is Here was a brand new song for us. I even played electric guitar for the first time on it. Now I’m tempted to buy one, though I have no idea where the money would come from. I loved the theme of freedom in the opening set and the last 3 songs were some of my favorites of songs we do at Sunset.

Overall I felt like it was a good morning. One of the hard parts of leading is that gauging success can often become judging worship based on outward emotions from the crowd. I’d much prefer to have something occurring inside the heart and mind of everyone and obviously hope that happened today.

(Sunday Setlists)

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  • Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

    You are expressing what I feel is in the heart of any called worship leader…
    Praying to engage the worshiper…or being able to usher people into the presence of God.
    It is difficult to not gauge it from the outwards emotional response of the crowd.
    We spend a lot of time each weekend praying for just that…
    I adore your heart Tyler.

  • Dave Stewart

    I appreciated you praying over the congregation at the 11, that they would feel free to worship openly and connect with God. I think the Spirit moved more apparently as a result.

  • Yonas

    The songs at the 11 were difficult to sing along with, but I just nodded my head and hummed along instead.

    • Tyler

      Which ones Yonas? I thought that 4 out of the 5 songs we did were well known. We had done them each at least 4 or 5 times previously, if not more.

  • Yonas

    I don’t remember, but just felt that it was tough to sing..but I’ve never been a singer. There was one song that I’ve heard for the first time…can’t remember which one. Great songs to listen to though.

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