The Demise of Social Media

Social media means a lot of things to a lot of people. What it means for me doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. However, I do think I have a decent grasp of how many view it though, so hopefully my thoughts are helpful in that way.

I have 3 examples that I’ve seen in the past few weeks that have me wondering what the real value of social media is. I’m beginning to wonder if it won’t get taken over by people who are just out to get numbers, not relationships, and out to promote themselves before engaging with others.

1. Follow Friday is a common Friday theme on Twitter where people recommend other people to follow. I saw this a few Friday’s ago on someone’s Twitter account (I’m not going to disclose whose Twitter account this is, that isn’t the point).

follow friday failTo me this is just pure manipulation. It is under the guise of “helping” other people get noticed, but really it is all about this person upping their numbers.

2. I was exploring some Twitter accounts of pastors that I follow that have a large following and I noticed something I find to be very troubling. A senior pastor who has a very large following on Twitter was following a majority of spam and porn accounts. Just look at the picture below, I see about 2 people who look to be real people and not just women who are showing off their stuff.

Picture 1

Since when was it “normal” to be a pastor and follow Twitter accounts like these? I know the reason is that the pastor auto-follows anyone who follows him in order to save time and get more followers…but this shouldn’t be an accepted practice. And right now it is, because I could name over 10 “big name” pastors who do the exact same thing.

3. Yesterday I had a conversation with a Portland-area person who labels himself on Twitter as a “teaching pastor and entrepreneur,” as well as a few other things. I noticed that his Twitter account had a very large following and that almost all of his tweets were information and that he rarely, if ever, responded to people he followed or people who @ replied to him (tried to start a conversation with him). We talked a little about this (picture below of what he said to me about this, conversation is his response to my questions, starts at the bottom of the picture):

2 things stick out to me here: “it is all about numbers for us” and “value comes next.” And believe me, not everyone would say it, but a good majority of people on Twitter and who blog think the exact same way. Instead of taking time to write meaningful and valuable content they would just rather rig some way to get more people to notice them.

I do think there is a place for self promotion in social media, but when it looks like this it makes me a little sick. Maybe my view of what social media is and should be is wrong, but self promotion (to me) only has a place in social media when it rooted in relationship building.

Social media, to me, has the highest value in these areas:

  1. Networking
  2. Building relationships
  3. Finding great content

What things like the above examples turn social media into:

  1. Manipulation
  2. Numbers driven
  3. Selfishness

Manipulation, numbers focus, and selfishness seem very contrary to the Gospel to me. To me this is sad to see coming from 3 men who call themselves Christian leaders.

What do these 3 situations and examples say to you about social media?

What is the demise of social media?

  • Ric Wild

    No doubt social medias are a double-edged sword. Crazy about the pastor who auto-follows and ends up with tons of porn stuff on his account!

  • BelovedSpear

    It tells me that human beings are involved in social media. We are inordinately self-focused, desire power and attention, and will do anything we need to make ourselves feel more important.

    I don’t know if “demise” is how I’d put it. Perhaps “fall” would be better, given that it seems that social media are just reflecting the inclinations fallen human beings.

  • Joe Louthan

    I use Topify to help me manage who I follow and who follows me. That way I might get a follow notice and have to decide in the that moment whether or not to follow back (in the case of spam, etc.). Fortunately, in order to follow, block or spam report, I can do a simple reply or forward with the Topify email

  • Eugene Cho

    great post, tyler. good things to make me think.

    but on a different note: jesus had followers who were prostitutes. πŸ™‚

    • Jim Gray

      ooh…good point…i’m gonna have to munch on that one for awhile…

    • Jenni Clayville

      but were the prostitutes that were following Jesus bots?

  • Jake Johnson

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, Tyler. I agree that there is much more value out of using social media as a way to develop real relationships rather than as a platform. However, I also enjoy following some people because I know they will point me to information that I find interesting. On all my social media accounts, I personally manage my followers and who I follow. I do the same with the church account I manage precisely because of the example you had above about spam followers.

  • Rich Kirkpatrick

    Fantastic post!

    I spend time blocking so many and know that at times my count falls, BUT I am confident that almost all my followers are REAL people.

    I suggest that auto-DMs and auto following just destroy the concept of connecting to real people. That real connection is the power of social media and it will die as soon as the manipulators can hijack it.

    But there is hope. Twitter has new rules that make sense.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I could not agree more with what you presented. If people want to use a tool to broadcast, they will break the system. Real networks I feel will rise above this and really do carry more weight. If you have 30K twitter followers and they are all spammers or you following yourself, you will be found out…eventually.

  • Matt Singley

    I think this is less a reflection of social media and more a reflection of people. I’m guessing (and truly only guessing, I have no idea who you are talking about) that if he is like this online he is like this in real life.

    • Jim Gray


  • Josh

    I wonder if the auto-follow pastor would say that perhaps the inappropiate people following him may be inspired towards change by seeing his tweets? I have a friend who does the same thing with friends on Facebook. He says, “I’ll take as many as I can get, and hopefully my statuses will inspire them or cause them to take inventory of their hearts.” This, of course translates to, “I just want to pad my friend count.” But, we have to know that it is not real relationships.

    We have to invest in people. I can have all the followers in the world on twitter and still feel alone and depressed. I’ll take one person’s QT over 4000+ people’s RTs anyday.

    • Tyler

      I think you and Eugene make a good point, but there is a big difference to me between being followed by a porn account and actually following back that porn account. I see no positives coming from following porn accounts. This pastor is obviously being followed by a porn account and because he auto-follows anyone who follows him, he is then following a porn account.

      • Josh

        Oh, I totally agree about the following back thing. Auto-follow should be a removed feature because of this, in my opinion.

  • Rand

    Great post! Every now and then I am tempted to go to auto-follow again and after a day, even though I gain followers most of them are spam, my follower growth has been slower without auto-follow but at least I decide who is real and who’s there just to promote.

    “Re-Tweet my tweets to get on my #FollowFriday seen by more than 35K people”. I throw up a little everytime I see that, even more because I re-tweeted him on that. Ugh.

    Again, Twitter’s simplicity makes it easy for people to make it what they want it to be. I have no problem with using it to broadcast posts of your site, but if people use it just for that with no communication or response to mentions it defeats its purpose in my opinion.

  • Dawn Carter

    Thanks for putting these thoughts down, Tyler. These things but me too.

    Some of the things alarming you may be as a result of cultural ignorance…. like someone who goes to an asian country and doesn’t remove their shoes upon entering a home. Folks may not know that auto-follows are bad form, or that not engaging in conversation is rude. This is of course, assuming the best of people. (If we assume otherwise, then I agree with Matt Singley… these folks are just sharing their rudeness online that is practiced offline.)

    As an encouragement to you, I think it shows that those who know the online culture, need to gently & respectfully educate those who don’t. Or, at least make the offer.

    Keep up the posts, Tyler. Good stuff.

  • Ashley Smith

    Awesome post, Tyler…
    I agree with Matt, it is more of a reflection about people… but also a huge component to social media are people…

    In my own opinion, I think people who do not truly grasp the art of communication, especially in social media, do not understand that you are your brand… your interaction, followers, status updates- all contribute to the projection of you… to your tribe.
    Tyler, just like in life, people use things that are useful tools to connect for their own gain of manipulation or whatever. We have a choice to not follow back, ignore the friend request, or possibly help the people who are clueless about things like auto-follow, auto-dm, etc…

  • Victoria

    It’s deeply disturbing to me that pastors find this behavior acceptable or normal. Isn’t the point of being a pastor to shepherd the flock? I didn’t think it was a social media popularity contest.

    Twitter is a great resource to encourage the Body of Christ and share fun little things about life or goings-on. I love the pastors I follow on Twitter (from Portland Christian Center to Hillsong) but none of them are pulling any of this. If they were, I’d stop following. I’m just not interested.

    This just reinforces the concept that the American church so often sees itself as a business fighting over a limited number of customers. Wrong approach.

    Great blog, Tyler. And yes, I’m staying dry until my run later. πŸ™‚

  • @johnflurry

    I second @mattsingely in that it is more of a reflection of people. Great points though Tyler and the auto follow mess of pastors is a huge issue for anyone. It is why I don’t do it. Great post.

    • @johnflurry

      I meant @mattsingley πŸ™‚ I wish Matt would spell his name right. Lol

  • Brad Gross

    I think that there is an objective value and a subjective value to twitter that most people are ignoring. The objective value is social networking. The subjective is defined as the user of his/her account are allowed to do what they wish with it. In terms of the the pastors auto-following back people who follow them and then it happens to be porn accounts, I’d say this: most of the pastors I know on twitter hardly have the tech savvy to even really use twitter and are probably too busy to go and block every single auto follow they get attached to. Should they do away with auto follow? Well, that my dear friends is up to the user and twitter. I can see how you might question a man’s character if he inadvertantly follows a person who is pushing a webcam site, or some naughty “profile pictures.” I would hope someone on his tech team could talk to him about that. I doubt I’d lose my respect for someone though because of it.

    As far as the Re-Tweets that everyone and their mother seems to be crying about, all I can say is this: Social networking, outside of connections, is a way to move and share information. If @jackalopekid (notice I’m not afraid to use his real name as I put together the balls to talk to him about this over skype) is putting something out there that he wants his followers to RT, and a lot of his posts are decent information, and they RT it willingly to get on his followfriday, what’s the real problem? These people are willingly doing it. Manipulation? I don’t think I’d go that far. He’s exposing people to over 33,000 other people. He’s giving them a chance to pick up followers that are relevant to their mission. I had him RT a prayer request for me because I knew it had a good chance of being spread around. That’s social networking at it’s core!!!! We share the RT. I RT him, he RT’s me. Maybe you would think I’m manipulating him, but hey, that’s your right to guess that.

    I mean, if you had 33,000 followers, what would your FollowFriday look like? How do you account for everyone? This is a simple way for him to only FollowFriday a group of people who want to be listed. He’s not making money of their initial RT. He’s not really getting anything in return from it. The guy has more followers than any of his followers do. But, manipulation? Really? I would just think he’s sharing what he has with others, which is one of the many purposes of Social Networking.

    Functionality is in the eye of the beholder my brotha.

    “It is under the guise of β€œhelping” other people get noticed, but really it is all about this person upping their numbers.” — Do you really think that he has that kind of agenda?? Honestly. You really believe that?

    And for me, this response has been berthed from the value of social networking according to your definition, which is “networking” & “building relationships”. A friendship between two people in different places with similar missions. I see my friend taking some crap from some guy who can’t hit the unfollow button so I’m here to stand in his place. How ironic. πŸ™‚

    • Tyler


      This post has nothing to do with me not having “the balls” to list the account names of the people I referenced. That would just get in the way of the conversation I’m trying to have about this. I’ve pursued a conversation with each and every one of the people I referenced here and those conversations were altogether pointless because their practices remain the same. I absolutely believe the Follow Friday shindig, as it was shown here, is pure manipulation and only for the purpose of building up a bigger number of followers. The sad thing is that it absolutely works.

      • Jim Gray

        wow…i love it when we talk about “balls” in the comment section…means we are getting serious…

        • Jenni Clayville

          balls… so when women are “ballsy” what should we call it?

          the more i think about it, the more i gag.

    • @nu2htown

      Agree. Adam actually has great things to say and interacts with his followers.

  • Adam Smith

    *Posting this publicly so everybody can see* Hey Tyler. Brad told me he was going to post that response on your blog. He did not tell me he was going to mention my name. Since he did I guess I can write this. I’ve told myself that I would keep my mouth shut, but the fact that a month, maybe even months later it has come out again I’ve got to talk about it to you. I am sorry if I have offended you or anyone else with the way I tweet. The last thing I want to do is offend people in the church. But don’t ever falsely accuse me for saying something I’m doing is a lie. That’s just wrong my friend. I really am trying to help out my followers when I post that on #followfriday. Now finding out that some people don’t like it though I will stop doing that. I guess all I can say is I hope you will stop bringing this up. Sorry if I have offended you and pray that there is no bitterness or jealousy in your heart. Yes I am a Christian leader, but asking for RTs doesn’t determine my salvation. About the other two people you wrote about- that’s what the unfollow button is for. If you don’t like it, don’t join in. There are plenty of other people doing it and you want to point out your Christian brethren. Sorry you feel you have to be the twitter police. Hope to talk to you on twitter some day. On the lighter note, a well written post. Moving to Denver soon so we’ll be closer. πŸ™‚

    • Crystal Renaud

      Adam, I give you a lot of credit for being engaging. While I haven’t always loved your approach, I have always appreciated how interactive you are.

    • Jenni Clayville

      I agree with Crystal on this one. Adam… we’re unblocked friends again πŸ™‚

      BTW… I don’t see where Ty said anyone asking for a RT isn’t saved. Am I just confused?

  • Adam Smith

    oh and please unblock me and tell your friends to do the same. would love to talk to ya’ll again.

  • Adam Smith

    Oh, and I promise I won’t ask you for RT’s.

  • Brad Gross

    Hey, that’s fine, believe what you want to believe. I just couldn’t stand another blog or tweet that bashed one of my friends because he does things differently than someone else, or, well, in a more appropriate measure, he didn’t line up with your assumptions regarding his intentions.

    Good talk.

    Good night

  • Crystal Renaud

    I agree a great deal with you on this, Tyler.

    “Social” by pure definition is “interactions between people…” so when we’re using a system of social media — it is intended to be interactive. When a twitterlebrity or pastor of a large following isn’t engaging in the system that MAKES them popular, they are blatantly going against what being “social” means.

    Social is not one-sided. Being social requires relationship. That is why home-schooled kids are all socially awkward and crazy. They lack a vital tool of humanity… interaction. If people are basking in their own glory, soon, they will find that everyone stopped caring. I see it happening already–your post being a sample of the revolt.

    If I am ever invited to “cool” table and my followers explode — I hope it is because I engaged with a movement of people and not because of something I am selling.

    • Yonas

      Hey I’m not home schooled, but I’m still socially awkward and crazy…so that just proved your theory wrong! πŸ™‚

    • Jim Gray

      Crystal…i wouldn’t use All…unless you’ve met all of them…

    • Jenni Clayville

      Ummm… Brian was home-schooled. “all” is not the best word to describe a group of people. Like… “all Asians are good at math.” yeah… i’m not so much.

    • Crystal Renaud

      i didn’t mean “all” as all inclusive/group people. i meant, all as individually. like when you’d say, “why you all up in my face?” i was being “street” people. πŸ™‚

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  • pberry

    You’re saying a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about twitter lately. Really good stuff, Tyler.

  • Danny Bixby

    Main point:

    Re-read the initial post. But think of it this time as someone coming up to you and telling you in person about somebody else (or a few people).

    Bringing up examples of things that “that person” does that you disagree with. Saying, that if they were a REAL Christian leader, they wouldn’t do things like this, or associate with those kind of people. They’d act in this certain way, etc.

    This is nothing more than just digitized gossip. It doesn’t change because it’s put into a blog post instead of being said to someone in particular.

    This isn’t about defending Adam, I’m not even a follower of his (actually got here from Crystal’s feed, lol). And I’m not attempting to guess your motives or put words into your mouth, Tyler, but I think you should try to look at your original post and mindset from a different perspective.

    Side note #1, I’m with Eugene Cho on the statement of “Jesus had followers who were prostitutes.” I’d even take it further.

    I’d imagine that he interacted with them. That he listened to what they had to say. That he didn’t attempt to hide his relationship with them because of what they’d send to other people who would potentially follow him. That he didn’t just say, “You can follow me, but don’t talk to me, don’t let people know you follow me, and don’t make any kind of sign to show that I’m associated with you.”

    I think that he would do the 30 AD equivalent of re-following their twitter account, saying ‘Yes, those hookers and porn stars are with me. What of it?’

    Side note #2 @ Crystal

    About the home school kids, that’s a popular mindset that they are more socially awkward than their traditional schooled counterpart, but it’s not verifiable data. Sure, I’ve met home schooled people who are very socially awkward, but I’ve met traditionally schooled people who are just as socially awkward.

    And from what I’ve read on these here interwebs, most modern studies show evidence to the contrary. That as a whole, home schooled kids are not socially awkward compared to regular schooled children, and are actually better socially adjusted.

    • Adam

      wow – great comment. Well said – well written.

  • Jeff Holton

    Well, I’m being a “yes man” to say it, but this jives with the way I approach Twitter (and you!).

    Relevance is in legitimacy of knowledge and information. Numbers? I’m not out to have the biggest Twitter account. I’m out to establish meaningful relationships. A million people accidentally giving me a penny (as if that even worked on here) are not nearly as interesting to me as one person who gives me a high five and raves about me to a hundred of his friends.

    It might fall on deaf ears, but perhaps toss this to your pastor friend in an effort to save his rapidly sinking public reputation. It’s a post I wrote on the necessity to use Twitter to enhance reputation, not destroy it:

  • Yonas

    I like Danny’s and Eugene’s posts πŸ™‚

  • wanida

    This is a really good and important discussion. I have no idea what the motivations are of the pastor that auto follows everyone. However, whenever I am followed by a porn account, I don’t think tat they have any interest in anything that I have to say. They objective is to draw me into the world of porn. I therefore block those accounts and immediately report them to @spam as they make Twitter a much less acceptable place to be. I also believe that they infringe on my liberty.

    That’s not the point of your post though and I have to agree that, when it comes to pastors playing the numbers game, it raises all sorts of questions in my mind about their motivation. I left Facebook and started Twitter because I didn’t want to have a conversation only with people in my world and my life. Having the broadest possible conversation (and in my case with other Christians) is important to me. Twitter doesn’t work when you @replies are not responded to. Unfortunately I have found that as happened far too frequently. Sadly, on many occasions it is pastors who don’t reply and it makes me wonder what kind of interaction they have in the churches they lead.

  • gracerules

    Wow – I just had to join in and say that I didn’t find the RT and #followfriday thing that @Jackalopekid did to be offensive or wrong in any way. I am just disappointed that because of your criticism he has stopped doing it. I am surprised by all the support you received and especially by the way people were willing to judge someone so harshly over such a little thing. I thought it was a real stretch to call it “manipulation”. I personally saw it as an opportunity – which, now thanks to you I won’t have.

    I guess what I really want to say is “lighten up people”

    • Brad Gross

      AMEN! Thank you! All this whining and crying is so annoying. UNFOLLOW…then you never have to see it again….How simple is that? Stop trying to impose on people’s freedom to use Twitter how they want to and just ignore or unfollow….Some people just want to be the Twitter-Messiah. BOO-HOO!

      Gracerules, I’m sorry you lost an opportunity because someone thinks their way is the only way to do something. I loved your quote, and I’ll quote it here:

      “I am surprised by all the support you received and especially by the way people were willing to judge someone so harshly over such a little thing.”

      — Me too. Absolutely shocked that such a great guy like Adam (@jackalopekid) would be accused of manipulating anyone or anything. I’ve talked to him on several occasions via Skype and he’s even been on our podcast. The guy’s one of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met! It’s so outlandish for me to think he was manipulating anyone or anything but a keyboard. LOL!

      But alas, some people just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

      • Jenni Clayville

        brad & gracerules…

        aren’t you guys doing the same thing right now that you are accusing tyler of doing to adam? we can all tweet as we feel… we can all say whatever we want… we ARE in America, right?

        tyler has a right to his thoughts and opinions. AND, he’s not the only one who holds this opinion. he’s just one of the only one’s who chose to say something about it. i don’t doubt that adam is a great guy… he’s just really noisy. but i guess i can be pretty noisy at times too πŸ™‚

  • Crystal Renaud

    the whole “home school factor” is purely opinion and of what i’ve observed growing up–not to say that all who have been home school are socially awkward or that those from a traditional school background are all well adjusted. it all comes down to each us making the effort to be inclusion…

    • Jim Gray

      i homeschool my ninjas…they are raised to be covert, undercover brothers and sister…

    • Yonas

      I think this statement might’ve prompted the response.

      That is why home-schooled kids are all socially awkward and crazy

      I heard somewhere that only Sith Lords speak in absolutes.
      (ok I just revealed my Starwars Geekness there)

      • Jim Gray

        i’ve got ninjas who have had latin and now french…play on championship soccer travel teams, lead worship, have great friends and play station scores…
        that being said…we are an exception to the rule
        -i would not counsel someone to homeschool unless they’ve done the research/understand the lifelong committment of both parenting and homeschooling/

  • Jim Gray

    I think there’s a couple of things going on here.
    #1:You voice your opinions/concerns with the use of social media(actually just Twitter,it seems)
    #2:You call some people out…but…
    -you mention 3 men…so already I know that they are dudes…and some are pastors…or all are pastors…
    Here are some questions I have for all of us…not just Mr. Braun…I’m pretty sure of his heart and his involvement in the body of Christ…
    -if we are dealing with believers, would we consider emailing them and asking them directly? what ‘s the use of calling people out without confrontation/restoration? More hits on our blogs…or just more of the Christian social-media scene bashing?
    -What exactly in Scripture do these three men violate? If they were on staff/elders/or collegues how would we handle it?
    There are some longer dialogues that would need to be involved when we deal with people and not systems.

    • Yonas

      I sense the force is strong with you.

      Write well and wise you seem. To a great Dojo you must have been.

      *respectful bows*

      • Jim Gray

        a ninja is always a ninja…even when he’s not a ninja
        you are 2 kind…

    • Tyler

      Let me try and answer one of those questions.

      -“If we are dealing with believers, would we consider emailing them and asking them directly? what’s the use of calling people out without confrontation/restoration? More hits on our blogs…or just more of the Christian social-media scene bashing?”

      I have tried to talk to these men previously to explain my frustration with the way they were going about their social media practices. I did this as carefully as I could because of the lack of personal relationship I have with each. I have no desire to have a massive number of hits, this is about figuring out what is an acceptable social media practice for Christian leaders. What kind of example are we setting? I’m concerned is my main point.

      • Jim Gray

        So, then, we voice our concerns. But what steps would you recommend if you were sitting down with a seminary buddy/future pastor who wanted to start blogging/tweeting, etc?

        • Tyler

          So you’re saying I should write another post? πŸ™‚ Too hard to answer that in one comment Jim.

  • Jim Gray

    Is it all lost? Are we sinking?Can you offer me any hope…this seems tinged with some fatalisms….surely we could overcome?

    • Tyler

      I see everyday about how it is not lost. I think examples like these pull away from the power of social media, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value there.

    • Yonas

      Nothing cannot be resolved on a great discussion over a cup of hot green tea (or sake).

      But when you do, Katana needs to stay home. Come unarmed.

      • Jim

        Yonas-son…i battle with words and secret deeds. I like green tea. I will be present in the city for The Idea Camp on November 20,21. See

  • @austinklee

    If twitter is an extension of ministry for a pastor, your advice in real life would be for the pastor to stand outside of his church and tell porn stars not to come inside.

    By rejecting a porn follower you are saying that I only want wholesome people to be impacted by my tweets. Especially if the pastor was followed first by the porn star.

    I understand some could be confused…but in the long run we aren’t here to reach the saved.

    • Tyler

      You really think porn spam accounts are run by porn stars? I’m thinking no. It is just a spam bot doing all the work.

  • Adam

    Good post – well written – but I guess I’m just a little too laid back when it comes to this social media thing. It seems the more popular this thing gets – the more people get the SpiderMan undies in a bunch. It’s the interwebs – it’s social media – are there rules? God, I hope not. There are enough rules out there for every aspect of my life.

    I don’t really understand the need you, or anyone else out there, has to try and tell people how, when, in what way, they should Twitter, Facebook or whatever other social media tool they use.
    From where I sit – it appears to be pure jealousy is the motivation. Knock those that are “higher” than you. I get that. It’s human nature. I mean, who said people in the church had to be any different right? am I right? huh?

    I thank God for the unfollow button. Not for myself – but everyone else.


    • @austinklee

      Watch it Adam…Tyler is going to blog about you using God’s name in vain.

  • dubdynomite

    Hey, I saw the smoke and had to come over and check out what was going on over here…….. πŸ˜‰

    I can see where Tyler is coming from. I have some things that bug me about the way some people twitter as well (mostly things that get on my nerves) you can read about those here at my blog if you’re interested.

    I don’t think Adam’s follow Friday process is necessarily a bad idea. If some one retweets you that gives you some valuable information:

    They read your tweets
    They responded, so they are likely a real person
    They mentioned you, so they will be easier to find (if you follow a lot of people, this can be a problem)
    They would like to connect with more people (which usually means connecting socially, not just to inflate the follower numbers).

    I’ve had a fair amount of interaction, and from what I’ve seen, he really is trying to connect people using twitter. So, I’m not sure that it is as it seems with that.

    I think a modest amount of self-promotion on twitter is okay (you plug your blog on there don’t you), as long as you are also connecting and interacting as well.

    I do agree that a social network is no place for marketing.

    About the porn accounts: I’ve gotten followed by some porn/spam accounts, and by the time I looked at my new follows to check them out/follow back, the accounts were deleted. If some people auto follow, it’s likely that they aren’t following the bogus accounts for long. Could it be a poor example? Sure. But I don’t think it’s fair to make a character judgment about someone based on who they follow on twitter, especially if I don’t know them personally.

    • Tyler

      Leave the person out of this, I’m only talking about the method/practice of doing Follow Friday that way. You really think that asking for RTs to get into a “lucrative” follow friday list is a great thing? You can’t see how that is manipulative to gain more followers? The practice of doing it that way doesn’t scream…”I want to help my friends get more followers,” it says (to me), “this is a great way to get more followers.”

      • dubdynomite

        I will agree with you that it LOOKS like shameless self-promotion. That’s a reasonable assessment from the outside looking in.

        I’m just saying that in my experience with it (Yes, I’ve retweeted and got on the list) it actually helped me connect with people on twitter. That’s how I deal with twitter. I’m not trying to collect followers. Check out my numbers. If I were really after followers, I’m sure I could get a lot more if I tried. I choose very carefully who I follow.

        In my case, I got the better end of the bargain, because my audience on twitter is not that big, while he has a fairly large number of followers.

        I would have never retweeted if I didn’t actually like him and had not already had interacted with him before. I didn’t mind it, because I think he’s a good follow.

        I don’t really see what’s wrong with a mutually beneficial agreement like that. To me it’s no different than trading links on your blogroll.

  • Eugene Cho

    holy moley.

    looks like my comment #3 incited a wave of dialogue and conversations.

    tyler, do me a favor and call me out on something so i can get some traffic to my blog. something like, ‘this asian-american pastor in seattle whose name rhymes with blue-jean…” and do it when we launch one day’s wages. we’re going to need the help.

    seriously, good dialogue.

    adam: don’t know you but appreciate your comments here.

    • Yonas

      I’m not biased…but let me just say Asians are cool. Jim Gray would even agree!

      • Jim

        Ha! You speak on my behalf now, perhaps? Careful is the word-ninja, he should not be larger than his shadow. (Yoda-speaking I am)

  • Andy McMahon


    It’s like high school all over again.

    I don’t know why we create ‘social media’ and then complain when there are cliques, annoying people, popular people and unpopular people… (I am actually an unpopular person)

    It’s a crying shame that we are still caught in this vicious circle.

    On a softer note.. I love you all. It discourages me to see this whole thing blow up like it is…

    Seriously. It’s sad that we all can spill out our brains on this subject… when there are far better things that we can be talking about. Let’s praise God. All together..

    The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Jesus Christ. Guys, if we’re all trying to spread that, then can we lose?


    • @austinklee

      Ha! We were thinking the same thing at the same time!

  • @austinklee

    {Sound of a Whistle Blowing}

    TIME OUT!!

    As far as I see it Tyler…none of these people has done something immoral or illegal. They have just offended Tyler’s Twitter Code. As far as we know, these pastors are only guilty of being lazy by using an auto-follower and Adam, he is guilty of naming himself after an un-funny sketch from America’s Home Videos with Bob Saget.

    So while the interwebs are getting dinged up by all the rocks being thrown [mine included] we are probably missing the point that we all love Jesus and want to use our Tweets to further the real Kingdom.

    So, let’s put down the rocks and step away slowly. I follow Adam and Tyler on Twitter and think they both have great tweets. So there.

    {Sound of a Whistle Blowing}


  • Yonas

    The last time we had something close to this many comments…was the worship thread…at around 30+ comments. Now this thread has over 60+ and still counting.

    Controversies and posts with absolutes and strong words sometimes create more waves…..similar thing that Hollywood uses in their story telling.

    If one posts “I just wanted to say to you all, Jesus loves you and I hope you all have a great day”

    Relatively low on controversy, low on shock value, low on things to argue on…Maybe a few people will post “Amen” and maybe not too many would try to argue much with it.

    Post something like:

    “I just wanted to say to you all, Jesus loves Christians only, the rest of you need to repent right now, not miss any Sunday service, be able to quote bible verses…otherwise you’d go to heck…and I hope you all have a great day”

    More likely 100 people will voice their opinion…and consequently-twitter-facebook-or blogs, traffic will also increase.

    We all have our different issues, speaking style, different upbringing, different values…different level of tact, some maybe a bit more intense..some are more laid back…we’re all different and it obviously affects how we come across when we post online.

    But still, I think If we wanted to point problems or vented our discontent about something….we could all probably rephrase things a bit differently sometimes that would create less tension and more of a peaceful discussion.

    Just my two hundred Yen worth.

    *sips sake*

  • Jay McKenney

    As someone who works with Tyler and considers him a friend I have a couple thoughts.

    I used to wonder and sometimes still do about the idea of facebook/Twitter policing. I wonder about it because the thought never crosses my mind about how someone is using or not using it until I read someone like Tyler or Matt Singley write about it. But I am grateful for people in my life that make me think, create interesting dialogue, and start conversations. If I had to choose between a world without police whether that’s a real cop or just one on Twitter, at the end of the day I vote for law enforcement. :). Just hope I never get a ticket.

  • Matt Payne

    Here is my 2 cents:

    Since Social Media is going mainstream a lot of people are logging on that have no clue about these new tools. One of the main reasons I teach Social Media to business owners is to help them navigate these waters. I teach them the language and common practices. It’s not a matter of rules and right or wrong as it is etiquette. It isn’t “wrong” to talk with food in your mouth but it does communicate something to those around you. It’s not technically wrong to TYPE IN ALL CAPS but it does communicate shouting to those in the internet world. Constantly saying, “Please RT” does communicate someone who is begging for more influence or followers. It isn’t “wrong” and people do it all the time. As I teach my classes, “Be ReTweetable and people will RT.”

    As far as porn spam bots I don’t worry about them. I have found that Twitter does a pretty good job of deleting their accounts eventually. It takes too much time to block all them.

    • Jenni Clayville


  • Sarah S.

    Hey, I have no idea what is going on here, but there seems to be some harsh critique going on concerning @jackalopekid. I am actually Adam’s sister, Sarah. I’m not one to be the big sister and come to Adam’s defense, because the truth is he can handle himself. But there’s something that needs to be made clear: you might not agree with his twitter-style (that’s what the unfollow button is for!), but don’t you ever, EVER question his integrity or his relationship with God. I know this man better than any of you. My brother has never been anything less than a man after God’s heart. He prayed for me when I didn’t know how to pray for myself. He is a huge part of the reason I have a relationship with Christ today.

    I have no idea what you know about Adam or about my family, but I’m going to share part of my testimony and how knowing Adam has changed my life: my (our) father was in and out of our lives and did many destructive things. I allowed the hurt and anger from this to overtake me, and I turned my back on God. Adam was the strength of our family unit and remained steadfast. In my sin, Adam showed me nothing less than the true love of God, and it is that love that softened my heart and changed me. Adam played a huge part in me giving my life back to God!

    Adam loves everybody in this manner. He lives out his faith day in and day out. So while you might not agree with what he has to say, do not EVER criticize his character or his genuine love for others. It actually would be in your best interest to get to know him…he knows what loving God and loving others is all about. He’s the real deal.

  • Sarah S.

    One thing that I left out: in sharing what I did, let it be clear that Adam’s intentions are “above reproach”, that he has no hidden motives, and that what he does is done out of a heart of love and a desire to reach others for Christ. Adam is not in it for himself; he is HANDS DOWN the most humble man I’ve ever known. I might be a little biased, but it’s definitely worth your time to get to know @jackalopekid. πŸ™‚