Embrace the Journey

long road

I find myself often looking towards the future with great hope and aspiration for what it may hold.

Yet, there are just so many things in the future that pull my focus away from what life’s journey has in front of me right now.

I think about a big paper I have due in a week and a half.

I think about the possibility of doing the Ride:Well Tour next summer.

I think about my future at my church.

I think about finishing seminary (in a long long time).

But in doing all this looking to the future, I’m often holding back the greatness of the now.

The now has enough going on to hold my attention. And if it doesn’t, that means the now doesn’t have enough of my attention.

I need to embrace the journey. The only part of the journey I can deal with is the part I am on right now. I need to embrace the now.

So do you.