Fortuitous Bouncing

I have now been blogging for 2 years. Sometime this week, I can’t remember the day, I passed the 2 year mark. This blog hasn’t been alive that long because I started on Blogger and later moved to this format, but 2 years does feel like a long time.

If you have a spare 10 minutes, take some time to read through the 90 and counting comments from my post on Tuesday. Apparently I struck a cord with what I said.

Some really great things to share with you this week. Seems well above average for some reason.


  1. Monday Confessions from Brady Boyd, pastor at New Life Church in Colorado. Raw, authentic…loved this.
  2. Brian McLaren answers questions on the 3 main areas that people seem to have key issues with him.
  3. Great video….church history in 4 minutes.
  4. “Goodness is the process of becoming not of being…” Read the rest.
  5. Mark Batterson’s definition of success.
  6. Phenomenal post that totally surprised me (in a good way): “Resisting the irresistible Shane Claiborne.”


October is a great month to be a sports fan. Go Huskers, Vikings, and Twins.